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Unbelievable, but it is still known to happen in time of satellites and advanced technology... On the territory of former Yugoslavia, across Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Vojvodina, Kosovo, Serbian Republic, and elsewhere, a new life form was discovered.

Although this does not happen often, scientists have succeeded in holding this recent, sensational discovery in secret up until today, when the results of scientific research and analysis finally arrived and confirmed the expectations: various locations of the wider Balkans began to inhabit a new life form.


In the professional scientific documentation, the new animal species for which it is assumed to be illegally residing in the open and closed spaces of these areas for about twenty years are classified as the Č.OV.AC.

Despite recent scandals, after hacking of emails, with which documents such as forgery of the historical temperature data and production of the Hadley/CRU temperature record in the case of "Climategate", farce about the pandemic of swine flu, the collapse of the world economy based on economic science, and a lot more of that was discovered, the number of skeptics towards the official science is enormously increasing, but science still however continues forward in huge steps.

As far as this branch of science goes, let us remind ourselves that researchers created an artificial, synthetic life form in May of this year.
Experts from the U.S. have created Synthia from 4 different chemicals, the first synthetic life form in the history of the world.
And now Č.OV.AC., in these parts of the world...

Č.OV.AC. belongs to the class of mammals, most of the time it is easily seen or recognized, by all estimates it is smaller and smaller in numbers, near extinction, although it is assumed that as a new species it has managed to expand and proliferate itself on other continents.
The hair color of males as well as females varies from light to black, average weight of males is about 80kg and of females about 60kg, examples of over 200kg were observed as well.
The lifetime span of these creatures is on average about 70 years, but the age of some units goes up to 140-150 years.
Č.OV.AC. likes to live in a pack, it eats meat and plants, the females, during an average life span, give birth once to twice.
Č.OV.AC. is sometimes a very belligerent animal, but for human kind it is dangerous even when idle.
Scientists have, however, through experimentation found out that this only now discovered animal is very easy to tame, and that which pleases it the most as well as establishes mutual trust and friendship, is cutting its hair as often as possible.


To be better able to understand this newly discovered life form, one needs to go back to the beginning.

When the idea of community became universal and generally accepted, it was based on the expectations resulting from the promises of services between individuals, families and various major groupings that were eventually turned into what we now completely unconsciously call "civilization."

Over time, society began to recognize some basic principles from which constitutions and laws later on incurred, in one word, sets of intrinsic and inalienable rights and values for the benefit of all people. At the core of these documents stood the written law by which men and women everywhere in the world can live well and prosper.

When the constitutions and the laws were written, the laws and procedures were intended for societies in which not all members of the government were corrupt.
However, the situation in which we find ourselves today is exactly like this: human civilization has collapsed in all aspects, most of all the financial, political, educational and moral.
Now we have governments that have no interest in investigating itself, the investigations will never be initiated because the government never allows such things!

When the robbers, otherwise known as eminent personalities, began to plan an enclosed vivarium for the general public, they targeted the very essence of every society. Tools that they designed for this task, were none other than the government itself, the institution which the people look to for protection and assistance in almost every aspect of life. They decided to steal the government from the people and use its power for the enslavement of the overall citizenry. Specifically, the main goal of banksters was a total redistribution of wealth from the majority to the few through new laws, contracts, blocking investigations and rewarding suitable supporters, all to the detriment of the public which now more and more has less and less of a chance of survival.

The people were left without a state, without law and justice, with no jobs and no future, yet some still behave as if though nothing in their lives has changed between the end of the twentieth century and the beginning of the new millennium. While some wonder how it is possible that some still do not perceive the living hell that surrounds us on all sides, others are still too busy believing in their own illusions, so greatly that the current world of blood, looting, death and dying simply blinds them.

Thanks to the continuing success, victory over our own self-perception, criminals used the opportunity we gave them ourselves and instead of only destroying a few countries, they magnificently destroyed the whole world.

Sinj's 295th Alka was accompanied by the Jadranka Kosor, Prime Minister of Croatial. After lunch she went to church to pray to Our Lady. The Prime Minister, of course, prayed for our financial crisis as well.

Promises have been betrayed and the war against nature and man has entered its final phase.
Vivid illusion as a parallel universe has so far existed as a closed world for most average minds divorced from reality.
This tool which was so skillfully used and abused by the New World Order, almost unnoticed, is also the tool which, however, enable us to become human again, to connect with one another again, give up dependence on popular delusions and head in the right direction of pleasures that could emerge only from an authentic life in which there is no violation of the basic rules.
Namely to say, a normal human being will, most of the time, not get angry when someone considers him a fool, but when someone makes a fool of him for their own personal benefits, that’s already quite a different story... digest that, and now, back to the newly discovered life form in the Balkans...

Č.OV.AC. stands for Č-man (čovjek), OV-sheep (ovca), AC-money (novac).
One of the most important characteristics of the latest living organism that inhabits the planet Earth is its ability to almost perfectly disguise itself which far exceeds that of a chameleon. Imitation and giddiness are therefore the main features of these life forms.
In its original form, Č.OV.AC’s appearance resembles that of a monkeys, and in its camouflaged state it is only very difficult to distinguish it from humans by appearance, but scientists have developed a special, very simple method, a kind of a test where Č.OV.AC. in 100% of the cases fails to answer the exam questions.


Č.OV.AC. And The Life Of The Pack

Scientist's team which carried out research and analysis, with this experiment, contrary to expectations and hopes, came to the conclusion that the intelligence which Č.OV.AC. has is still at a very low level.

As a first step, scientists divided the laboratory into two parts using an opaque plastic fence, and mounted a cage on each side.
In one cage they closed five Č.OV.AC.s, and in the other five monkeys. One side was not aware of the existence of the other side and vice-versa.

At the top of the cage, they hung a banana so that it hangs on the inside of the cage and below it they placed a ladder. It did not take long before the first monkey headed towards the stairs in order to get a hold of the banana.

As soon as he touched the ladder, the scientists sprayed all other monkeys with a strong jet of cold water.
After some time, the other monkey made the same attempt which ended with the same result, all the other monkeys were sprayed with cold water.
Soon thereafter, when the third monkey tried to climb the ladder, all the other monkeys promptly jumped in it to prevent him from going further.

The scientists then put the hose for conveying water away from the cage.
They removed one monkey out of the cage and replace him with a new monkey.
The new monkey wanted to climb the ladder as soon as he saw the banana. He remained in shock because all other monkeys attacked him. The second attempt ended without success as well.
The monkey realized that the other moneys will attack him again if he decided to climb the latter again.

Scientists then took another one of the five original monkeys and replaced him with a new monkey.

The newcomer was attacked as soon as he stepped on the ladder. The previous newbie took part in the punishment with enthusiasm.

The team then replaced the third original monkey with a new one, then the fourth and finally the fifth.
Every time the newcomer touched the ladder, he was attacked by the other monkeys in the cage.

The majority of the monkeys that beat him had no idea why it was not permitted to climb the ladder nor why they are participating in the beating of the newest monkey. Once they have replaced all the original monkeys, none of the remaining monkeys had ever been sprayed with cold water.
However, not a single monkey inside the cage ever again dared to approach the ladder in order to pick the banana.

Completely identical results were obtained in the other part of the lab, in which Č.OV.AC. was used as a guinea pig for the experiment.
Why do monkeys have so much fear of ladders?
One day I lifted the telephone handset, and for the hundredth time, it was the bank calling to offer loan. To the awkward questions I asked, I got an answer that it has always been so, and then the speaker would angrily hang-up.
Monkeys are afraid of ladders because to them, as far as their memory reaches, it has always been like so around here.

And yes, my dear friend Č.OV.AC., replace the cage for you life, and the bananas and the ladder for a bunch of banknotes and the central bank, that's exactly how the parliaments operate, that’s how the councils function, congress, political parties, associations, kindergartens schools, colleges, universities, factories, offices, plazas, streets, shops, supermarkets, trade unions, independent music, film industry, culture, arts, workshops, hospitals, clinics, sports, churches, charities, foundations, businesses, companies, media, television, newspaper, newspapers, radio stations, web services, web portals, forums, blogs, internet search engines, police, courts, detectives, technicians, military, and everything else in a series of links of this rotten corrupt society.

And that is why we soon have to replace all the original monkeys, pardon me, Č.OV.AC.s.




How to see him, how to recognize him?
A team of scientists exclusively for Crom Alternative News reveals the 100% secure and at the same time simple, quick and easily applicable method for this:


Č.OV.AC. Test:

1. Why is modern money backed by nothing?

a) because the world does not have enough gold
b) because it is unprofitable
c) because by doing so Nixon managed to avoid bankruptcy of the United States in 1971

2. Why have countries waived their sacred right to create money in favor of the central banks?

a) because they were no longer able to print money
b) because banksters are more honest people
c) because that's a common, generally accepted law in the world

3. Why do countries issue only debt instruments, and not their own money?

a) because it is much more cost-effective
b) because there has been a mathematical error
c) because they are bound to contracts with banksters

4. Why only now is it coming to light that the central banks are private institutions?

a) because this is absolutely irrelevant information for the population
b) that is the effect of globalization with which democracy expands
c) because we are talking about a high treason with which entire nations are enslaved

5. What is monetary sovereignty?

a) the right of the central bank
b) the right of the government
c) the fundamental right of every nation


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