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The total of all is equal to the sum of all factors.


We brought the manufacturing process almost to perfection, there is nothing throwing away, everything is usable, but the half of production is excessive because of lack of demands and finally ends in the trash. Regardless of the lack of consumers who could consume amount of which we produce, we are continuously increasing instead of reducing the volume of production.


We feed ourselves with chickens and their eggs keeping chickens free within limits of the cage, but chickens cannot escape their terrible destiny unless they  escape from the freedom in cage to the freedom outside cage.

And we as people are trapped in the economic system that nobody offer an alternative, a different choice, we are all up to the last forced into a debt slavery by using money which through the private central banks is rented to us on the use as a debt that we must repay with interests, and because in the circulation is always only the money that represents the principal, and not interests, that debt is theoretically impossible to repay. This economic system in which all the money in circulation is a borrowed money makes people which work and produce more progressively more impoverished. As the old debts, due to lack of money for pay off could not be repaid but only refinanced, we are constantly forced more and more to run into debts, and thereby more and more to work, and of course to relinquish rights and wealth.


 Production process, debt based money


The global financial crisis 2007-2010 has thrown light on the thousand-year-old reality that has finally expired.

The reality in which all was unreal.




The easiest way to describe the world in which we now live, totality based and built on the fraudulent monetary system, is through the scenes from the movie Matrix, the world of holograms in which spirits of the virtual world, although passing through each other and through objects always collide with cage grids of the real world. The real world in which everything except the tax and law is an illusion, in which constantly impoverishment is called an enrichment, the world in which debts represents values, the world where war is peace, lying is truth, captivity is prosperity, and slavery is freedom. The real world of illusions in which banks are institutions that once produced worthless paper, and today only digits on the computer screens and nothing more, institutions which are by property of useless and worthless digits declared richer from countries in which millions and billions of people produce real  values; the world of illusion in which today the same banks borrows the same digits from those who owe them the same digits, so that those who owe digits run into debts at the banks, so they could lend the same digits to the same banks...

Economic system of nowadays is a pyramidal scheme of absolute power in which we ourselves and everything around us are under absolute control of someone who has absolute control over every banknote in circulation and everything which through the whole range of different financial instruments represents money.

In the movie Matrix, freeman Morpheus offered a choice to a gentle zombie named Neo, a glass of water and two pills, one red and one blue. If he drinks the blue pill, zombie Neo will wake up in his bed and forget that he was ever given a choice, and will continue to live his enjoyable virtual life forever trapped in the world of illusions and dreams. If he drinks the red pill, zombie Neo will then open his eyes and see the reality, meet with his sleepy human being trapped in the capsule along with billions of other individuals from which Matrix, the parasite suck the juice of life.

Truly, this is really incredibly impressive description of the illusion of reality that we live.

Debt based economic system is the spider web from which is impossible to get out. All political winds from which small flies cannot resist blow just toward the cobweb.

One could think that the current economic system based on the money issued as a debt with corresponding interests is the perfect control system from which nobody and nothing cannot hide, not to mention escape, but he's wrong, hundred people-hundred moods, billion slaves-billion enemies.

Regardless of whether you like David Icke or not, in one thing he is perfectly right.
What is really the ultimate goal of everything, which my Boss recently whisper in ear to me?
David Icke does not mistake at all, until the perfect system in which we as billions of slaves will never, but really never might not be potential enemies and danger for the few Bosses, there is only one way, changing the human DNA. Indeed nowadays, when today is not today from yesterday anymore, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to notice that the one who will be in complete control over DNA will become God in full sense of the word. The only question that remains is whether is tomorrow in this regard really tomorrow, or is it already today, yesterday's tomorrow?

In illusion we are on paper sovereign Bosses, and in reality is the economic system our cage, in illusion we are the masters of money that serves us, in reality we are slaves of that money. Our political-economic system is unfair, rotten, ruined and corrupted up to the core, it is impossible to be radically changed for the better, as soon as possible you understand that, better, from this cage we must escape if we want to avoid the fate, and indeed we will have a black scenario...

One thing you should be clear black on white, and you must be quite clear with it in entirety, any solution offered to you, political or economic promise, all that represent only extension of agony without placing foundation stone, freedom based on monetary sovereignty and financial independence.

In such situation in which the correction of for centuries created wrong flows of rivers is only the futile waste of time, and you know that better than me, we should fully and immediately commit to the construction of a new alternative economic system that will naturally by itself replace the old economic system  that will, little by little, more and more, all reject.

New alternative economic system will for you, her, me, them, all, bring the possibility of choice, chance, hope, peace and prosperity based on truth, freedom, monetary sovereignty and financial independence of the population of individuals as a pillar of the community.


 Production process based on alternative currency



In the new, better tomorrow of a new alternative economic system, we who are in it since yesterday are waiting for you.

In this new alternative economic system which the name is Crom Alternative Exchange, total of all is greater than the sum of all factors.

In it, the community by itself without the mediator is issuing its own medium of exchange, the alternative currency Crom unburdened by debt and interests, as it should be in efficient and fair alternative economic system. Everything is up to you, we offer you a choice on a voluntary basis in the form of an alternative economic system of exchange within which there is a modern marketplace, there is even a cell phone access, forum and independent alternative news. This alternative economic system exists and functions through the modern electronic platform, user account is similar to bank account, transfers are at your service, also transactions, services like mobile banking, marketplace for trading and marketing of goods, products and services. By registering in the alternative economic system of Crom Alternative Exchange you become the user of services which are offered, and anyone at wish can become a member of the Association and participate in its management. Through the specially developed system of issuing the Crom alternative currency, this alternative economic system provide users the monetary sovereignty and financial independence.

For this reason, and on this day, I want to congratulate you Happy New Year 2010, surely the year of great changes. I wish as soon as possible we reach limits that you consider the limits of dignified life and that someone at that point kick my ass so hard to fly over the stage of that performance, and I want that instead of Facebook you receive automatic redirection from error 404 Not Found, on this video

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so that you finally become aware of the difference between thinking and understanding, the difference between say and do, and so take control over your life.

I wish everyone to become part of the environmentally conscious, socially responsible society without infections, the community of free, financially unburdened people with low levels of stress and enough free time, I wish after your reaction to wake up in the world of free and independent media which report sincere information, the world of short working hours, healthy food, good movies, good music, good books and cheap entertainment, cheap journeys, the world of friends with faces instead of enemies and competitors with avatars.


Difference between thinking and understanding.


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