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Somebody has put an effort in explaining the difference between the state and the mafia, which can be found on the Internet by Googling "10 Reasons Why The Mafia Is Better Than The State". Have you ever dared to imagine how your business would have been like if the state and the mafia would not interfere in it?

Values of our modern civilization are built on an almost fanatic belief in some inventions of the very dubious usefulness. The most frequent collateral consequence of practicing that religion is a treacherous destiny. We merely blinked, and the society has plummeted from a recent apparent prosperity into a total disaster, for the umpteenth time. Engineers are very good at what they have chosen to do. In contrast, experienced economists, as if everything is perfectly fine, are still strongly convincing us that the global financial crisis is just a minor accidental and temporary difficulty that humanity will soon overcome, mostly thanks to strong reactions on goods news fabricated in the plants of primary world’s industry – media propaganda.


Until now, belief in politician’s promise that an excessive amount of money will not be printed was the only basis that kept the shaky monetary house of cards from collapsing. But liberated from all constraints, once given the chance to do so, bankers took maximum advantage of their ability to create money out of nothing. They bought more fresh bureaucrats, journalists and lawyers; and converted all those purposeless political programs into seemingly popular things - so they distorted the real fact to the maximum: The world is bankrupt now, because it was unable to repay the borrowed interest-bearing money to the unknown creditor.

However, a natural instinct has awakened within the masses. Recently, we have seen birth of many new revolutionary movements, but within each of them there is a fierce struggle for the spokesperson’s place. An average man has difficulties even to orientate himself. Mankind does not need a new king, emperor, president or director. The compass needle points in one direction only: Towards the change of monetary system.

Everything below the land and everything that grows on it belongs to the people, water and sky included. The same case is with the state. Those are the things on whose ownership bankers, politicians and corporations are not automatically subscribe to – it is all ours and for free.

Money is not a product of evolution and progress, as it is seen by many people indoctrinated by informational-educational materials directed by the same ones who control its creation and distribution. Unfortunately, this useful tool has been used for too long for a purpose that is totally contrary to its nature. As much as this is tried to be negated, thousands of years of history are the irrefutable proof of existence of a sick desire in which money is the prime gear wheel of a mechanism for enslavement of the masses and control of all activities on Earth.

For centuries, money has been used to deprive mere mortals of access to basic needs such as food, health, housing, education, culture, technology, science, energy... Revolutions and demonstrations never caused any serious changes in everyday life. The fact remains that they provide participants a good, but false sense that something has been done. Since the way of issuing money and its later distribution are most responsible for abnormal human relations and are the motor of social segregation - that is the biggest obstacle to every form of progress and the main cause of global pandemic of misery; we do not have to look for such an obvious solution to most of our problems in CERN's tunnels, it imposes itself: If we change the money, we will not only temporarily pause the current chaos, but also once and for all change this world for the better.

All those who do not posses enough capital, but are forced to work for it in order to survive, regardless whether they are street cleaners or doctors, are members of the working class whose heads are constantly filled from birth to death with all sorts of secondary stories about capital. But where does this capital is coming from, one cannot find the answer even in the most famous encyclopedias.

Masters of our destinies always use one and the same tactic – they pay what needs to be paid for. But they do not do it the way most of us think corruption happens, since they would have bankrupted numerous times. Instead of giving, paying with the money in a form of debt means lesser deprivation - or translated: "I won’t take away all of your 100, you have been good, so I will take only 95”. That is how millions of loyal and obedient guards of our prison with invisible bars “earn” a living – policemen, teachers, soldiers, lawyers, social workers, scientists...

The true meaning of life is not affiliated with the artificial small world of banking power and control.

Small local communities should become independent as much as possible in achieving the most basic needs. A new monetary culture has just been concretized trough opening of Social Network And Payment System – Crom Alternative Currency. Crom is much more than just a common alternative currency system. For example, everyone can express a price in any desired form, according to their needs: barter, gold, silver, crom, combination of dollar and wheat, one part in crom and other in euros...

In short, living life to the fullest. Transformation of consciousness and society development on both collective and individual level - through explosion of creativity and talent – focused towards the greatest possible level of abundance on all levels.

All conventional currencies are certificates for something non-existing. Although it is hard to imagine something like that in today’s world of the fratricidal competition – a society in which abundance, peace, love and friendship reign is just a few mouse clicks away – who do you bank with?

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What happens next if the state can go bankrupt?

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