Alternative currency and balanced living system. Alternativna valuta i uravnoteženi životni sistem. Moneta alternativa e sistema di vita equilibrato.

 Interest Free Loans - Ethical Borrowing Of Money

There is no road to where we have to go. With every step we make, we built a new meter of the road that leads us there where we want to arrive, and where no one has ever been before. Ecologically and economically balanced society of free and creative individuals unburdened by rough consumers’ norms is distant from us exactly as much as the positive ideas and visions have been distant from money throughout the history. Let's just remember of Nikola Tesla, and try to think of all those other projects in the best interests of mankind, which are not funded simply because they are not profitable for the narrow circle of influential people. There are countless examples in many sectors: Peace, renewable energy, local food production, education and similar.

Crom Alternative Currency System is maximally correctly playing its role in facilitating the creation of new values and fair distribution of wealth. Brave business decision “never say never”, in loan founds possibility of realization of desire for growth, impressing or development. Money borrowing trough Crom Interest-Free Loan can serve as an excellent solution for adaptation to variable market needs, whether it is intended for increasing quality of final products, adoption of new technologies, saving energy and protecting the environment, investment into recycling processes, internationalization of business and opening new branches, post-sale assistance, education or technical specialization of new professionals.

Crom Alternative Currency – ethical money that circulates within worth appraisal and exchange system as only one of all possible means of payment – is equally as an option "Crom Interest Free Loan" accessible to all people regardless of which part of the world they live in.

Crom Interest-Free Loan is an "all in one" financing solution, it can be a short term loan, long-term loan, microcredit or a consumer loan. As one of the ways in which money is issued into existence in Crom Alternative Currency System, Crom Interest-Free Loan also function on ethical principles - in other words, Crom Interest Free Loan is a borrowing of money on which no interest is paid.

By avoiding the need for establishing unfavorable relationships with institutions such as banks, this financial solution works as a development engine, it stimulates the individual business and a common economy in a different way - efficient and sustainable. What is most important is certainly that the inexistence of interests, rather than unnatural mutual competition, instinctively encourages people to cooperate between themselves. Through alternative currency compatible with the philosophy of "no usury", Crom Interest-Free Loans are much easier to repay than expensive loans offered by the banks on the global market. Financing of new individual and collective sustainable proposals, ideas and business is closer than ever. The Crom Zero Interest Loan is a particularly convenient option for local communities and eco-villages, workers, small farmers, small businessmen and small merchants who all together no longer need to worry about foreign currency exchange risks and how the interest rates will move.

In a business sense, after the birth of an idea, a merchant, worker, entrepreneur or farmer contacts Administration of Crom Alternative Currency System with a request for a Crom Interest Free Loan and presents his business plan. If Administration finds that business plan is healthy and achievable, a loan is granted and member’s account is credited with asked amount. Since this is a sovereign system and a sovereign means of payment, borrowers do not have to worry about taxes (see Frequently asked questions). Borrowers develop their business and repay interest-free loan in periodical installments whose amount and number is defined by agreed terms.

Loan Terms

Minimum loan amount: 100 crom.
Interest rate: 0%.
Loan approval administrative costs: 8 crom.

Basic requirement for obtaining a loan is the offered collateral warranty - real, existing or future value. While evaluating loan request, member’s activity on Crom Marketplace is taken into consideration.

The loan request form can be found under the section "Personal / Documents" inside Crom Alternative Currency System, in the main menu on the left side. "Non-Verified Member" can not apply for a Crom Interest-Free Loan.

When it comes to business, things sometimes do not go according to plans. If a borrower, for any reason, stops interest-free loan payments; depending on agreed terms and circumstances - guaranty mechanism is activated.

Loans Overview

In the menu "Account / Loans", members have a clear and simple overview of all their loans, which are divided into two basic types - open and closed. Depending on this status, reviewing the loan leads to various information such as the description of the loan, total loan amount, monthly repayments that have already been made and so forth. For open loans, in addition to remaining installments, the dates for payments and the "repay" button are provided.




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