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Cooperative Economics - Creative Town Pula
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TOPIC: Cooperative Economics - Creative Town Pula

Cooperative Economics - Creative Town Pula 9 years, 7 months ago #2264

Today - wednesday 28 December 2011, the following organizations met each other at the headquarters of the Gradska Radionica Pula:

* Gradska Radionica - Banka Vremena Pula (City Workshop - Time Bank Pula),

* Tranzicijska Pula (Transition Town Pula),

* Crom Alternative Exchange Association.

After having presentented their own programs and objectives, they have decided to cooperate for improving their activities following concrete activities, which shall be finalized case by case.

Aljosa Duric, Danijel Balaban, Enrico Furia, Sanda Letonja, Marijan Sinozic.
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Cooperative Economics - Creative Town Pula 9 years, 6 months ago #2283

On Tuesday, January 3rd 2012, a friendly meeting between organizations “Usta Istre" (Mouth Of Istria) and "Udruga Crom Alternativna Razmjena" (Crom Alternative Exchange Association) has been held.

During our conversation we concluded that we are both primarily interested in a monetary reform, i.e. the radical change of the economic model currently in use.

As a part of the planned future cooperation, we have agreed that each organization should maintain its policy in its own house - that is, on its own website; and on this web page, created for mutual communication – for a purpose of transforming unjust and unsustainable competitive economy into a just and cooperative economy – we will mainly exchange ideas and instigate initiatives related to the transition from an interest bearing bank debt issued out of nothing - to a new form of means of payment (medium of exchange).

"Usta Istre" organization has in principle agreed to become, on that basis, a part of - let's call it "alliance" because our cooperation is an alliance in some way – between organizations "Banka Vremena Pula" (Pula Time Bank), "Tranzicijska Pula" (Transition Town Pula) and "Crom Alternativna Valuta" (Crom Alternative Currency).

Emanuel Zelic, Enrico Furia, Duric Aljosa.
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Cooperative Economics - Creative Town Pula 9 years, 6 months ago #2284

On the same day, January 3rd 2012, Udruga Crom Alternativna Razmjena (Crom Alternative Exchange Association) has met with Udruga Naša Jugoslavija (Our Yugoslavia Association) for a friendly talk.

Udruga Naša Jugoslavija also completely agrees with the notion that the money should serve man, rather than other way around; and that there is an urgent and immediate need to abandon suicidal competitive economy and switch to a new, cooperative, just and sustainable worth appraisal and exchange system. To put it simply, instead of using bank money created out nothing in an interest bearing debt form, we the people should start using some other form of medium of exchange (means of payment).

Udruga Naša Jugoslavija has also agreed to use this web page, created for mutual communication, as a mean of exchanging thoughts on the aforementioned specific topic and for instigation of initiatives for that purpose; and that each of us which will work together here - leaves its policy for its own house, that is, to maintain it on its own website. Together we are much stronger. The meaning of all this is to join forces in something we all agree on and to achieve our goals through concrete actions.

Therefore, starting from today, "Banka Vremena Pula" (Pula Time Bank), "Tranzicijska Pula" (Transition Town Pula), "Crom Alternativna Valuta" (Crom Alternative Currency), "Usta Istre" (Mouth Of Istria) and (Our Yugoslavia Association) represent a new economic reality of cooperative character. Kreativni Grad Pula (Creative City Pula) has thus in short time become a factor with great positive potential.

Namely, five (for now) organizations in one city, focused on cooperative actions in that small location, represent something that even the City Authorities will have to treat with respect. And that is no small thing

Enrico Furia, Duric Aljosa, Zlatko Stojkovic.
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